Concept Artwork $18 per hour $170 per day $650 per week negotiable per project
Storyboarding: B&W (avg. 25-30 3×4 frames per day) $150 per 11×17 frame $100 per 8×11 frame $80 per 6×9 frame $70 per 5×7 frame $55 per 3×4 frame negotiable per project
Storyboarding: B&W TONE (avg. 20-25 3×4 frames per day) $260 per 11×17 frame $160 per 8×11 frame $120 per 6×9 frame $90 per 5×7 frame $75 per 3×4 frame negotiable per project
Storyboarding: COLOR (avg. 10-15 3×4 frames per day) $350 per 11×17 frame $260 per 8×11 frame $210 per 6×9 frame $125 per 5×7 frame $95 per 3×4 frame negotiable per project
Scriptwriting/editing $22 per hour $235 per day $900 per week negotiable per project
Casting Direction $50 per hour $520 per day $2500 per week negotiable per project
Location Scouting (pricing excludes vehicle expenses) $65 per hour $600 per day $3000 per week negotiable per project


Shooting (pricing excludes equipment rental) $40 per hour $380 per day $1999 per week negotiable per project


Editing $50 per hour $420 per day $2100 per week negotiable per project

Individual Film/Video Services:

Music Videos: $150+

Pro-HD-Musicvideos helps musicians by providing top of the line music video production for virtually any budget. Whether an artists is looking for something simple with a few set-ups or an elaborate shoot involving multiple locations we’re more than capable of bringing your artistic vision to fruition. We work with the artist from concept to final edit to ensure that an artist is beyond satisfied with the final product.

Performance Videos: $130+

If performance art is your medium of choice we are here to facilitate and supplement your art form with amazing video production. Be you an artist, model, comedian, poet, dancer, or musician. If you are looking to increase your exposure via high quality HD footage and professional editing that will bring that extra coat of professionalism to your method of creativity.

Full-length Documentary Videos: $150+

There’s no better way to increase your followers and fanbase than giving them a peek into your daily life. Show people the other side of the glitz and the glam. We’ll craft you a full length 30 to 90 minute documentary piece that will give your fans/clients/followers insight into the motivations that inspire and drive you to do what it is you do.

Half-length Documentary Videos: $100+

For clientele in need of a quick behind the scenes type documentary that highlights select points about you or your business. These documentaries usually run anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes in length and are great for use in online promotion or as a supplement to a full piece of work.

Event Videos: $130+

Perfect for showcasing night club events, parties, corporate seminars, and trainings, we will cover the festivities from start to finish and wrap up the footage with crisp post-production editing that will leave you with a beautiful 15-60 minute piece for you to showcase.

Online Promotional Video Ads: $99+

Crafted especially for client that need video content but doesn’t have the time or budget to hire a crew to shoot. These carefully crafted and edited spots can last from 30 seconds to 5 minutes and are crafted from stock footage and original material provided by the client. Best used for quick promotional material in advertising upcoming events/sales/releases.

Client Testimonial Videos: $99+

One sure-fire way to increase client conversion rates or gain more of a following is through the use of positive feedback from prior clients and fans. We here at Pro-HD-Musicvideos will interact with your clientele to shoot and edit a testimonial video that will showcase your service in a radiantly positive angle.

Full-length Real Estate Video Tours: $120+

For the real estate agent who wishes to give their property the quality HD video treatment it deserves. The full-length video tours we provide can last anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes and contain custom introductions, walkthrough’s, and voice-overs from the agent describing the property. These tours highlight every room on the property from numerous angles as well as the surrounding neighborhood and attractions and will be sure to help you place someone in your property right away. These tours work wonders when displaying a location to possible buyers that are out of state or are unable to view the location in person.

Half-length Real Estate Video Tours: $99+

Great for agents who wish to display multiple properties at a reasonable price. These tours are from anywhere between 3 and 15 minutes and will highlight the positives of the location. These tours make use of satellite imagery to showcase the location and surrounding landmarks and are great for use in quick promo.

Titles/Credit Sequences: $80+

Custom, creative, and professional sequences pieced together carefully to give your video or film content that unique look that will draw viewers in and leave them mesmerized after.

Color Correction: $50 per hour

Tire of bland looking video? We’ll sit down and touch-up your plain footage with digital techniques that will give your video that extra pop.

Effects Editing: $50 per hour

For those who wish their footage to stand out from the rest with eye catching special effects. We are glad to provide custom crafted effects such as lighting, particles, stabilization, and much more.

Sound Design: $50 per hour

Often taken for granted, but an essential to quality film and video productions is good sound design. Pro-HD-Musicvideos provides sound design services in the area of soundtracks, audio restoration, dialogue, foley, and sound effects editing.

*All editing projects receive a minimum of two initial revisions free of charge.


Looking for top of the line photography services for your event or business? Pro-HD-Musicvideos is pleased to give you access to our group of dependable and professional photographers to assist you in your photography needs for whatever the occasion may be. We offer our photography and photo editing services for commercial, fashion, wildlife, landscape, food, and event purposes.

Still Photography:

Shooting (pricing excludes equipment/travel/scouting/studio expenses) $550 half-day $1150 full-day negotiable per project
Editing $45 per hour $450 per day negotiable per project

Individual Photography Services:

Real Estate Session: $100+

Let us capture your property with stunning photography that will leave prospective clients amazed and wanting more. Through on site techniques and digital editing we’ll give your location images that cinematic look seen in the photographs of the most high end properties.

Modeling Session: $60+

Increase your modeling portfolio with creative concept shoots either in studio or on location. Showcase your multiple looks with unlimited wardrobe changes and dynamic photography that is sure to put you heads above the competition. Whether you are looking for a small scale shoot or a larger scale session with wardrobe and make-up artists on set we’ll be sure to find the solution for your budget and needs.

Head Shot Session: $75+

Looking to showcase yourself to prospective agencies with a variety of looks that show you can fit any role? We provide head shot services for those in the creative and corporate fields.

Boudoir Sessions: $150+

Looking for an intimate photography shoot as a gift for a loved one? Maybe you just want a sensual set of photographs for personal sake. No matter the reason these sensual and intimate sessions are sure to leave you feeling pleased with yourself. Shot on location in your home or in a private studio setting these sessions can be as intimate and personal as you want or highly stylized with make-up and hair stylists on set to give you that fashion model glamour look you deserve.

Adult Sessions: $200+

Suited especially for those who work in the arena of adult entertainment. These shoot are catered to adult models looking to expand their portfolio or production companies looking for professional quality photography to supplement their prior adult entertainment media.

Digital Photo Editing: $45 per hour

Pro-HD-Musicvideos offers digital photo editing services for our clients. Whether you are in need of color correction, enhancement and highlights, photo restoration, or custom effects we’ll be sure to craft you a final version of your photos that is simply astounding.

*All photography sessions come with free basic digital photo editing services in terms of color correction, and one round of revisions free of charge.

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